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Why Fighting My Alzheimer’s?

Being open with my personal fight

Text and photo by Tom Hintz

Posted - 2-22-2013

I have been building and running web sites for years so this just seemed like a good idea that could end up with some social value in the end.
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It is important to note that (Fighting My Alzheimer’s) is not a prescribed treatment of any sort. It is simply a chronicle about my personal fight with Alzheimer's and the things I am doing in that effort. Nothing here is meant to replace medical advice or treatment in any way. I am not altering how I eat nor am I taking any sort of medications not prescribed by my doctors. No vitamin or hormone binges, none of that. I continue to follow my doctor’s advice and treatments precisely as should you. is simply me documenting what is happening to me in real time. I also describe things I am doing to exercise my mind in an effort to slow the effects of Alzheimer's. I am careful to avoid doing anything that could interfere with what my doctors are doing. Everything I am doing is meant to augment the medical efforts, not replace or alter them.

I have no idea if any of what I am doing will help you or if it applies to you at all. I am doing what I feel is right for me in my situation. I have nothing (so far) to indicate that I am gaining any ground against Alzheimer's and doubt that would become evident until years down the road anyway. Alzheimer's is not a fast disease in how it progresses nor is the fight against it. There is probably a better than even chance that my efforts will be in vain but I choose not to sit and wait for Alzheimer's to run its course.

Also, I have been working on the Internet long enough to understand that the potential is high for my being on the receiving end of stereotypical insinuations or taunts regarding Alzheimer's by those who understand it the least. We simply cannot fix stupid and I will not try to here. However, it is my hope that might give open-minded folks a bit of reality without the drama.

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